Ryan plays guitar and sings. 
Jonn plays guitar and sings.
Kathryn plays keys and sings.
Garrett plays bass and tries to sing.
Reade plays drums.

Relax to Paris is an Indie-Pop band based in Los Angeles. It was formed by singer / songwriter Ryan Gelber, who's devoted his life to his music and won various awards including the John Lennon Songwriting Contest. Lifelong friend and bass player Garrett Marks soon joined Ryan, and together their classic rock and indie pop influences helped to create Relax to Paris’ distinctly unique sound. Singer / songwriter Kathryn Farren was next to become a member. She was busy writing songs and acting, until the day she and friend Ryan started jamming together, and realized their combined vocals and individual writing styles meshed perfectly to complete the RTP sound. In 2010 a virus attacked Ryan’s vocal cords. Lots of vocal therapy and 7 operations later, Ryan is in remission. Relax to Paris is reuniting in 2014 with Reade Pryor and original member Jonn Blazey.
Relax to Paris has been nominated for an American Music Award, as well as winning KROQ’s Battle of the Bands. Their Music has been featured in various soundtracks played on KROQ, and college radio. They’ve released three EPs, and are currently working on their first full-length album.